Why Sibbison & DeJuneas Is Your Best Choice

After collaborating on several appeals, attorneys Wendy Sibbison and Patricia "Patty" DeJuneas formalized their association in 2013 by founding Sibbison & DeJuneas, a boutique law firm with offices in Boston and Western Massachusetts. With our unique blend of appellate and trial experience, we committed to delivering effective appellate representation on a personalized level in a comprehensive variety of appellate and criminal defense trial settings.

Attorney DeJuneas also works with outside lawyers, helping them develop and implement trial strategies, optimize the chances for success in the event of an appeal, and improve their appellate writing and advocacy.

Our experience: With 10 years of trial experience and more than four decades of combined appellate experience, few firms can match the level of knowledge and skill possessed by our lawyers. In fact, while many law firms focus on either trial or appellate work, it is rare to find a firm that focuses on both - but that is exactly what we do at Sibbison & DeJuneas.

Our past cases and results: Given our many years of experience, it likely comes as no surprise that our attorneys have an extensive case history, both at the trial and appellate level. While we could write at great length of our many successes, we believe our case history speaks for itself.

Our dedication to our clients: At Sibbison & DeJuneas, we truly believe in quality over quantity — meaning we only take on cases that we believe in. What does this mean for you? Quite simply, that your case will get the personalized attention it deserves from an attorney who knows what she is doing.

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