Practice Areas

After collaborating on several appeals, Attorneys Sibbison and DeJuneas formalized their association and founded Sibbison & DeJuneas in 2013.  They have represented clients in the Massachusetts Appeals Court, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the Connecticut Appellate Court, the First Circuit Court of Appeals, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. Attorney DeJuneas has also represented clients in the district and superior courts throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in superior courts in the State of Connecticut, and in the United States District Court in the Districts of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Northern Florida.

Attorneys Sibbison and DeJuneas have experience litigating a wide variety of cases. In the civil context, they have represented clients at the trial or appellate level in cases involving personal injury, products liability, real estate disputes, land use, contracts, commercial and business disputes, unfair trade practices, constitutional rights, civil rights, probate matters, and domestic relations, including divorce, child custody, and adoption. In the criminal context, they have represented clients charged with or convicted of offenses including murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, public corruption, RICO, bookmaking, arson, extortion, money laundering, assault and battery, resisting arrest, sex offenses, firearms offenses, drug offenses, and operating under the influence (OUI).

In addition to her appellate practice, Attorney DeJuneas also represents clients in grand jury proceedings, sentencing and post-sentencing proceedings, and post-conviction matters such as motions for new trial, motions for DNA testing, and petitions for habeas corpus relief.